Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sitting by the Beaver Pond

I call it the Beaver Pond...I don't know what its real name is but the Beavers have great cell reception so here I am. Once the sun came out I decided to fill up my thermos with tea and take a trek up here.
Most days I go tromping in the woods I follow no path. Just looking around and ending up wherever I end up. But today I followed a path that starts on the road down from The Compound and ends at this pond. Its about an hour round trip walking briskly. There are also offshoot paths.
Last fall I determined that one side of my land end near the path. One of these days I will have it mapped out. This tea is so yummy. The wind is cool today. But its a day that you can feel the heat coming up from the path when sheltered in the trees. You know...its the spring version of the waves of heat you get when your out berry picking in the late summer.
Nothing really growing yet but in some parts of the woods its so mossy green you can almost just almost pretend its summer. But anywho I must drink another teeny thermos cup of tea and head back down to my knitting...which in retrospect I should have brought with me.

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