Monday, 9 April 2012

A Fine Goings On

Today was a deadly day. The best weather day so far. Early this morning I was doing some knitting but as I saw the temperature creep up on the weather machine I had to go out.
First the chickens stampeded to get out. Away they went doing the half flying running at full speed craziness. Then the clothes had to go on the line. What a day on clothes. I checked out how the crocuses were could almost see them popping out of the ground.
Up to the vegetable patch and turned over some dirt. Found a perfect onion that had wintered under a shock of dried grass. Not as good as the 2L bottle size carrot I found the spring before last but still awesome.
Collected the eggs and boiled up three pots of dog bones from Hallidays. Tidied the fire pit for the Thule pot firing tomorrow with archaeologist Tim Rast.
Then the rains the clothes off the line with just half a sprinkle on them. Got supper going for Nimshy...nothing like fish cakes and home made fries with Mom's turkey gravey. Nom nom nom. Its artery clogging week at The Compound.
Hopefully it'll clear up by tomorrow afternoon but it was some fine day today.

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