Saturday, 7 April 2012

Operation Flipper

A few days ago my buddy, Blair made a run out to The Compound. I didn't even see him. I was home and the dogs who normally bark when a crow flies by were silent. I saw tire tracks out in the driveway and went out to investigate. Low and behold there was a bag of frozen flippers hanging on the patio stairs banister.
So I hid them in the freezer. Why hide them says you? Well Himself...Sam...hates flipper...seal...rabbit...moose. I don't know what's wrong with him. But Himself was going for Friday and Saturday so that was my flipper window. As soon as he left the driveway I took the bag out.
They weren't tawed until this morning. And Himself arrived before 8. He was hungry. I told him not to rustle around and then it that seal. Yis by it tis. I barred him in the bedroom and went about stage 2.
Well there were seven flippers in the bag. Enough to feed a couple of pre-Confederation families. So I got a couple bowls and the baking soda and put them to soak. And after a while started trimming the dreaded yellow fat. And trimmed and scraped and trimmed and cut and so on. Meanwhile the frying pan was doing its thing with the fat back pork. I have been doing a lot of Nan-channelling the last couple days.
With fat trimming completed as best as I knew how it was on to stage 4. Flour the flippers and fry in the fat. Alliteration at its best. Once browned in they went in the roaster. I must explain...I have a small stove. Like people have in cabins...well cause I live in a cabin. My roaster is small as well. So double decker flippers it twas. What odds. Make do with what ya got.
Stage 5 is ongoing...still a few hours to go till its time for stage 6...the pastry.
So tomorrow when I go to town for Easter dinner at me mudder and fadder's I will be bringing Easter Seals...some for Pop and some for Mom and maybe some for Himself's parents. Smells some good wha?

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  1. well there's most of the recipe...
    and that looks like a page out of the Cream of the West cookbook? I'll have a looksie!