Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Day in Town

Went in to town today. Out to Sin Jawns for gallavanting while Sam was at work.
Down to Mom's where I left with the bloomers I knit out of the Operation Homespun book and a container of Strawberry Bavarian. My first recollection of Strawberry Baverian was during the Dessert Sales we had at Bishop Field School when I was a youngster. It is so good. Last meal kind of good. I ate the whole thing. Probably a good thing I have the bloomers. The bloomers are gigantic. But that's what they wore...and gigantic because they were baby machines. For all those mudders out there...can you imagine wearing woolen bloomers in the third trimester. Wow.
Picked up some brewers yeast for spruce beer and birch beer making. Stopped by the Clay Studio for a hunk o' clay. Lots to do in the next little while. Seal pelts need to be picked up which means I need a sack of salt and another trip to town for books and an ulu.
Saw Salty the dog promoting the Expo at the Glacier. He was pretty perky on the corner of the intersection.
So back on the Compound. Ahhhh. All the creatures were glad to see us but Spider saved up his badness. My friend, Sue dropped by with a rhubarb wine making kit and two cases of jars and a gigantic pot. Awesome! A good day all round.

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