Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So today on the news I saw that moose license applications are out. Thank goodness I save everything because who knows when we will pick up the mail next. So I still had my information to apply from last year.
This is my fourth year applying. I only apply for The Compound. Means I have to wait but when I finally get a license I can go up back and get my moose on my own property. Sweet.
Since the moose have declared a jihad on me its even more important that I get a license. Damn moose. They are everywhere these days. But they are delicious.
Sam wants no part of moose. So if and when I get one I need to call in the troops from the Cove or do it all myself. Bucket list for sure if its by myself. Maybe he will take pictures at least. And it will be downhill anyways.
So my application is in and the wait begins. Saw lots of tracks today up back. Hopefully I will get good news in June.

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