Friday, 13 April 2012

The Written Word

In this day and age, the written word might not be seen for days at a time. I do tons of touch typing on my phone because I don't have a tablet or a PC. But I prefer paper and pen or pencil.
Now I have to admit I am particular about my writing utensils. I prefer BIC mechanical pencils #2 0.5 mm. But I don't always like using a pencil. I love fountain pens. And fine tip roller ball liquid ink. But it all depends on the paper.
I remember back in the day writing letters to my pen pal Gunilla Dahlgren in Sweden. Had to use airmail paper. It was shiny and thin like tissue paper. Does that even exist anymore?
I still write letters. And I love getting them. They are a nice surprise. And they mean a lot that someone would go through the trouble.
I mostly write lists. Grocery lists...that I usually forget to take. Things to do lists...just so I can put a line through each task and get a smidgen more of a sense of accomplishment. Lists of things to knit...I might still have that list on the go when I die. Crazy idea lists.
But I write down patterns and recipes. I doodle when I'm on the phone. I scribble reminders of when stuff is happening...TV shows...upcoming events..whatever.
Because I hate looking for pencils and whatnot I have a gazillion of them. I want to be able to grab one and go. Even when I have the available technology I still like to put the info on the paper. Paper doesn't crash.
But that's it. Enough thumb work for today. Where's my pencil?


  1. lol, maybe it's in our blood. People ask me why I dont use my phone, or computer to make reminders or grocery lists and why I have to use fine tip roller ball pens. There are just some things I HAVE to use a pen and a piece of paper for and thats that, lol.

  2. Dude, I did 5 yrs of anesthesia residency on pen and paper, little cue cards and fine tip retractable ink, even Went to 3 pen shops in NYC to find a good pen, gimme your wish list for the next time I go!, cheap hotel pens are also surprisingly good