Monday, 23 April 2012

Success is Relative

A nasty raw day it was. Foggy and chilly and rainy to start. Morning was spent knitting Republic pot covers and drinking tea ans watching Frozen Planet on PVR. That's some show. Its worth watching. The Inuit quest for mussels is death defying. But every episode has amazing stuff. Loves it.
But then the precipitation cleared off. And I decided it was experimental pottery firing day. I only made one pathetic pot and three sets of rune stones (25 to a set). Now I have never gone to the beach firing. Never fired anything. I was a bystander for a Thule pot firing. But I had my plan. And if anything survived the inferno I would be pleased.
Yesterday I covered my burnables and my pit with plastic to keep the wet off. Good planning me. So I got my base fire going and when it got to coals I layered on a mixture of sawdust, moss and little bits of wood. Then quickly I put in the pot and rune stones. Sprinkled it with salt and pennies for potential colour. Another layer of sawdust mixture and then wood. While the base fire was going I had the pottery pre warming in the wind blown heat from the fire.
So smouldering smouldering till the fire started and then the waiting. My pot survived from a firing perspective but my pot making wasn't so good. And I think I might have less than 20% success rate on the rune stones. I have a while to go till I get to the Thule success rate of ~50%. But something survived and I had an awesome time doing it. So I will make more and fire em a little bit different. What fun!

1 comment:

  1. did some of the rune stones explode?
    were they already fired before you put them in the fire?

    if you are not pre firing them, they have to really really dry out 1st. and slow and steady wins the race aka no 'sploding.