Saturday, 14 April 2012

Gone Troutin

I told Sam the other day that winter trouting season ends on April 15. Well I should have known.
Off he went this morning to Bay Roberts. Came back with new hooks and called me on the way to dig him some worms. Not likely...I have my own tasks to do.
He had to get his poles sorted out. And his fishing bag. And Spider was helping. Lord Lipton the goings on. Lots of grumbling down in the basement. Which then led to grumbling in the living room. Long rubbers. Plug in the walkie talkies to charge while he's out digging worms.
Now I save containers. Butter cream whips tubs...I keep them all. Sam fires em in the garbage. And then he says I need a tub. I'll give you a tub.
I am sure that Arctic explorers took less on expeditions to find the North Pole. He's out digging his worms. Not so easy when chickens are have to be fast.
So hopefully he will catch a few trout but if not at least he'll be outside and occupied for a couple of hours at least.

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