Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Don't Get Me $&%@ Started

I can't take it anymore. The Harper Government is gutting Canada. Its to the point one needs to just not read anything to do with them or have one's blood boileth over.
So many people in this country work hard for their money. Many of them make 10 friggen dollars an hour or even less (I know there is a minimum wage but still)
Harper and his cronies have no respect for the people of this country. They are the chosen few. They don't realize that they work for us. And they get a big FAIL.
Let's see. Harper went to a baseball game that cost $45000. He reimbursed for commercial air fares. How many people in this country ( or reading this blog) don't make that in a year? Another five of his cronies...our "buddy" Peter "Copter" McCabe was one...spent over $1 million in expenses combined in a little over a year. For what? We don't know but hopefully they had fun.
They have also changed the retirement age, gave a ton of employees the boot and tried to sell off a lot of expensive artwork they don't even own. Oh and who cares about the environment? Not them. Keep the scientists quiet and sneak changes into the budget. The budget? Are you kidding me? Oh maybe the robots made him do it.
Why is it so hard to be a good leader? Make the government save money by keeping their own house in order. Stop taking trips! There is enough work to be done here. We have our First Nations people in a health crisis of proportions I can't even explain. If Cuba can be cranking out doctors and have a pretty damn good health care system....why the hell can't we?
It sickens me that we are only one year into this round of Stephen Harper. Why do I lay it all on him? Like a captain of a ship he is responsible for those below him. If there was ever a time to batter from the political entity of Harper 2.0 otherwise known as Canada this is it.
I know I know. Newfoundland can't break away. We are a have not pro...wait a second. We have oil and gas which is great for a quick buck. We have the Newfoundland people. We have the potential to do so much more. If wishes were horses. We need the great exodus back to this land. Get everyone back here from where ever they went. Canada would collapse and we'd be all set.
And would someone please help Steve out with his lipstick application?

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