Monday, 28 May 2012

Fowl Weather - LIVE REPORT

Nacho Grande and the girls were on Here & Now this evening. Post television appearance they share their story with Humskoogeei.

Humskoogeei: You guys made the news tonight. That's pretty exciting for some woods chickens.
Nacho Grande: I just want to say one thing. I am a rooster. I was trying to keep the girls calm. But...
Penney: I thought the sky was falling! I didn't mean to cause a panic!
Nacho Grande: Once Penney started running the girls followed. I didn't think the sky was falling per se.
Flossie: I was in the coop. Sitting on my egg. I missed being on the news. That egg had better hatch.
Humskoogeei: How do you feel about showing such...well...cowardly behaviour?
Nacho Grande: I might be a chicken but I was not chicken. Get my drift?
Mudder: I just thought everyone was coming to see my baby, Onesie. Onesie is so cute it would cause a riot.
Millie: Its about time we got some real attention. Since that Onesie hatched and those five New Harbour chicks showed up its been nothing but look at the babies. Babies. Cluck cluck cluck. I lay green eggs for Shell's sake.
Humskoogeei: Okay well we don't mean to ruffle your feathers with all the questions. We will leave you to roost. Thanks for making the fowl weather of today a little bit funny...and thanks for not crossing the road. This is Humskoogeei reporting live...from The Compound Chicken Headquarters.

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