Monday, 21 May 2012

Many a Good Thing

Happy birthday, Vicky. Its Monday of the long weekend and it appears to be a wonderful weather day again. At first blush it looks like its going to be a wicked summer.
I had sooooo many visitors this weekend. There will probably be more today...hopefully. More than rabbits anyways.
Susan Furneaux dropped by and had a cuppa tea with me. She brought me a baby oak tree. I need to decide where to plant it. I love oak trees. I wonder did it come with a dryad?
Mom and Dad stopped in on their travels. They and everyone else who stopped in saw the baby chickens. Onesie is a hit...and the other older chicks. They went off with a few currant buns.
I had two little boy youngsters knock on the door. They "heard" that I had green eggs. It was funny. A couple stopped by to ask about the cabin for sale...they didn't read the fine print on the for sale sign...Eggs Green & Brown. Also funny.
Yesterday my friends Joanne and her husband Charlie and their friends stopped by. Charlie brought me a copy of his first novel. The Newfoundland Vampire was published in April and I have been wanting to read it...and I did last night. It was a fun read. I got a grand kick out of the fact that the main character is an animal rights supporter and vegetarian. (Maybe because I have been having such a fun time lately getting slammed by the anti-seal hunt and animal rights activists on Twitter). Its worth buying! And while I bought a paper know me and books....its also available for Kindle etc on Amazon for $2.99 so there is no excuse not to read it!
In between visitors....Onesie got stuck in the wall of the outside coop. Momma hen went into crazy mode. Nothing like an attacking chicken when you are only trying to save her baby. As I was fending off kungfu chicken...Onesie squirted out the other side of the wall...into to outside outdoors. Holy Hannah...if there was a baby chick sprint in the Olympics...Onesie would win. What a time. But safely caught and back to momma.
Mom and Dad and Uncle Larry dropped by....with a perfectly processed beeyooteeful harp seal skin. Uncle are the bomb! I am going to make footwear for myself. It was an awesome weekend so far...

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