Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Glorious Goats

Today was a grand day. I had a few things to do in Bay Roberts and then the plan was to locate the Grumpy Goat Studio.
So off I went to the brew store for super yeast and a beer kit with eggs to barter. Then to the Bakery Outlet where you can get 20 loafy type items for $3 for chickens and other creatures. My two bags were filled with mostly loaves of bread and the rest in hamburger buns a lot wasn't even near expiry. The chickens are impressed. Got bug spray at Shoppers and bonus! sugar was on sale 10kg should do me this week.
Then off to Upper Island Cove. Pam and Cara are good folk. I had been meaning to visit Grumpy Goat Gallery for ages. Their new baby goatling gave me the hoof in the posterior to go. Goats are the least grumpy creature. When they bleet they have the biggest grins. And these goats have kitty kat buddies. Himself says I have goat feet so I have an affinity. The Goat Hotel is fantastic...climbing rocks and mini tire to play with and a big poof of hay hanging from the ceiling...and its got artwork hanging on the walls. Rose (big sister goat) and Sophia (baby sister goatling) are two lucky creatures. I loved it so much I didn't take any good pictures.
Inside Pam and Cara's fern green house there are so many things to octopus...goat on the closet, painted lemon tree climbing up the wall. And to my surprise a friggin yes friggin SPECTACULAR sealing piece. A super cool schoonery boat with individual hand carved sealers sardined together. And off in the distance a gazillion seals...big spotted ones and wee white coats. All hand carved and then painted. Those are two talented ladies. And they have a bright yellow stand up piano outdoors!

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  1. You should get one. You could milk it and make cheeses. And Goat meat is delicious too.