Saturday, 5 May 2012

May Day Crafty Fun

Today I drove into the metropolis of Sin Jawns to partake in May Day festivities. It was chilly but fun. I parked up at St. Thomas Church...where incidentally I was a Brownie and a Guide. That's the 1st St. John's Company or was when I was in it.
First off I went into Devon House...craft headquarters as it get my passport. I also got my first stamp and watched Wendy's clay demonstration.
Next stop the NL Chocolate crowd...their mermaid was all dolled up in my fav colours and I had a chat with the lovely Christina Dove and some devine chocolate. They have a pirate line and everything!
Then to the Anna Templeton Center. They had a big sale on the go. Vicky Taylor-Hood was manning the desk bilingually. Meanwhile me mudder was wondering where I was.
I also went to Johnny Ruth where Charlotte was making a dress in the window...really in the window...dress creation. I finally met JennaofAvalon otherwise known as the Queen of Social Media Jennifer Barnable! Awesome.
So off to Rocket to see the 20 crafts people selling their wares. I really wanted the Robot dropped a stitch bowl. But alas I left my g-d Bankcard in my other jacket. What an ejit. Saw Swervy and her creatures and other folk.
I meant to get to all the stops but after downtown I only made it to Running the Goat bookmakers. I have two of their handmade books and it was cool to see where they were created.
One thing I did bring home was some tea from Brittania. Yum-my. I certainly need a vat of tea after my excursion today.

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