Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wee Chicks & Deadly Bread

Yesterday evening I went on a chick pickup. Young Nelson down in New Harbour had chicks and I had been talking to him a couple times the week.
There was some remodelling needed on the hen house that Himself got busy on after he got home from work. You see we had a broody hen that had been sitting for ages and no luck with eggs. So we were going to have her adopt the little chicks who had a light bulb for a mother.
So anyway off I went. I took a detour through Dildo to waste some time because I was earlier than expected. Took a picture of their interpretation centre....if any place needs one of those its Dildo.
Then into Pitcher's Bakery for some gas and the BEST bread ever. They have cookies and treats and a super selection of diabetic baked goods too. Nelson the Chicken Guy lives across the street.
I checked out the selection of newborn and toddler chicks and he went to check the incubator. He has quail, partridge, turkeys, ducks, chickens and cows. All kinds of creatures. It was awesome. I finally got five chicks and after having a chat, started home. Now the road between New Harbour and the Veteran's Memorial is awful in places. Patchwork pavement. And there was this dude flying at least 60km down the middle of it on an ATV. As I got closer I realized it was a trike. And the backfires? Holy jumpins when he got on the shoulder I thought he was going to go arse over teakettle. But he didn't...what an ijjit.
So home to the Compound where Mudder Hen is sitting on a couple eggs Himself left her. As He starts to remove them...low and occupant is in the process of hatching. Can't wait to see if chickie made it out. The New Harbour Chicks have a light bulb for a mother again. They are content.

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