Sunday, 27 May 2012

Busy Days

Lately I have been doing much digging. Last summer was such a bust the vegetable gardens were a state. Holy mother nature. Weed and weeds and more weeds. But after a week at it, it is getting there.
I've put in spuds, carrot, beet, beans, peas, onions and Swiss Chard so far. I have a few more onions to plant and I will probably plant some more beans and some lettuce. And I'll get some tomatoes from the lady in South River.
This year I actually counted the distance from the well to the gardens. Because there is no hose on The Compound for watering. I throw my bucket down in the outdoor well and fill up my one for each hand two-gallon watering cans. Then 65 paces to the garden, water and then back again. And so on until everything has a drink.
While I'm at it I fill up all the chickens water containers. They love the water straight from the well. Those chickens. So funny. And now that there are toddler chickens and adult chickens and momma and Onesie its even better.
I've had lots of visitors lately too. Which is awesome. The weather had been so nice its been perfect for outdoor activities and people dropping by. And not just people. Rabbits are here everyday. The ravens stop by. A couple gulls have been dropping by too which doesn't happen very often. And warblers and blue jays and junkos and chickadees and gray jays and robins and gold finches and purple finches and sparrows.
The French Open starts today and that's good for knitting...and the weather won't always be so good the next fortnight.

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  1. I have only started onions so far. I'm planning on do some more planting tomorrow morning before work. @ least the carrots and parsnips anyways. And the potatoes too.