Thursday, 10 May 2012

Up in Arms

Boiling blood is getting to be a regular occurrence. I said a while back that Lord Voldemort...I mean, Stephen Harper was gutting the country. But I have come to realize He Who Shall Not Be Named does not consider Newfoundland and Labrador part of His country.
How much coastline and ocean does one need to have a SAR centre? We must have too much. First they yank it out....which is so stupid its unbelievable but then we find out that marine medical calls get routed to Italy! Italy?!?!?! Nova Scotia...well they are actually part of Canada and their calls were handled in Halifax. Now the Dark Lord's minions say it was an interim measure. What effing ever. It was interim only until it was found out.
Does the Canadian Coast Guard still patrol our waters? Or has that been outsourced too? Oh and has the Pope said we can borrow his helicopter if another youngster needs to be found? It would probably arrive faster than the DND.
As a friend said today its a skull ripper of a day. Yup. Yessirree.
I want to march. Protest. Have my say. I voted.
Week after week we get another smack upside the head. And again and again. Build the friggen ferries. Build Muskrat friggen Falls. Build something. Stop arguing over Twitter.
Shame on the Government of Canada.
Shame on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.
If only there were Harper Horcruxes.

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