Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Seventeen Dozen Woobleepops

Yesterday turned into a day of bottling. Making one's own alcoholic beverages is a lot of frenzy then waiting with more frenzy. The woobleepop is the best example of this.
I discovered this delectable beverage last summer when my sister was visiting. We stopped into Me Buddy's Brew Shop in Bay Roberts and Buddy aka Mike not only gave us the recipe but samples too. For any home brewers or vintners out there...check him out...a lot cheaper than anywhere else for supplies.
To make a batch you need 8 kg of sugar, 25 gallons of water and a package of super yeast to start. It can ferment in as little as three days and it hisses so loud you can hear it in the next room. Next step is add finings which takes all the junk out and settles it to the bottom. After a week or so its time to filter. During this week you look for specials on 2L of pop. You need 24...8 of each flavour. Pineapple is best but we have tried grape, orange, cream soda,mountain dew,lemonade, cranberry,swamp water just to name a few. Whatever you want you can make. The other important thing to do is collect lots and lots of clear beer bottles.
The bottles...oh the bottles. Have about 17 dozen and you need to delabel them before you start. On bottling day you need to sanitize and rinse them.
Once you have your 20% alcohol filtered and your truckload of bottles ready its time to mix up the wooblepops. 7 L of alcohol, 5 tsps of citric acid and 8 2L to into your bucket stir gently and bottle. Do this another two times. Enlist anyone to help but tasting will occur so factor that in.
After this marathon of bottling you should have 15-17 dozen of delicious wooblepops. Take it easy because they are potent. And of course they cost about 1/10 of the ones at the liquor store. Cheers!

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