Monday, 27 February 2012

Knitting in public

Today I had to go into town for some appointments at the Health Sciences Center. Knowing I would be in the car for a couple hours as well as spending an unknown number of hours waiting I took some knitting with me.
I located a seat and hauled out my knitting and watched all the older ladies give me the eyeball. There was an old feller sitting next to me who whipped a hat from his pocket and told me his wife knit it for him and what a hat it thing ever he said and it had years left in it. That's when I noticed a lady three seats away knitting a twirly scarf...I gave her the nod...she returned it and her husband rolled his eyes. I told him and the old fella that they were in the knitting section. They laughed. The other knitter got called in and I continued to knit and wait.
Fast forward...the knitter comes back and asks me what I was knitting and she wants to knit other stuff so I tell her about the Anna Templeton Center ans knitting night and whatnot. Then I get called in. Fast forward...I come back out and wait to be called the second time. There is another lady sitting quietly a few seats away. A few minutes go by and she shuffles over next to me...she has a wool band with a pattern on it. The other knitter had given it to her and she is wondering if I can help explain part of it to her. I help her out and a nurse stops to asks what I am knitting at the same time.
Fast forward... old fella comes out of his appointment and wishes me the best and Gawd luv ya honey.
I knit half a hat during my waiting and I think I could have had the whole crowd of em knitting up a storm with me. If you take your knitting out in public make sure your ready to talk about it...cause people want to know.

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