Sunday, 26 February 2012

Bakin' & Bottlin'

This morning I had a hankering to do some baking. So I whipped up a batch of Sam's favorite raisin buns (which he has been known to polish off in one sitting) and a batch of rolled oat buns. Both recipes are in my favorite recipe book, The Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes which was reprinted about four years ago. Mom and Nan T had copies but there was nar the one to be bought. When I picked up a copy to look at while at the Craft Fair I didn't even realize what it was till I opened it. Bought copies for my sister and I in about a millisecond.
Later today I need to filter the batch of liquor that's ready and make up coolers. About 16 dozen bottles from 23 L of 20% alcohol and 48 L of pop. This time I am making grape, orange and cream soda. Its nice to always have booze on hand when you live in the woods.
This spring will be fun because I plan to revamp my spruce beer recipe and try tapping my birch grove to make birch beer and/or wine.

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