Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kats and Dawgs

Nappy time is the only peaceful time when it comes to life at my house. Spider (the cat) and Duke and Chief (the Brothers Beagle) do a lot of rabble rousing. Factor in the Lovebird clan and Dakota (ole big dog Malamute) it can get pretty rambunctious.
Granted I wouldn't want it any other way...I don't need an alarm system or a doorbell or to sweep the floor very often. The gang also keeps my feet warm and gives me an audience to ramble to when Sam isn't (or is) here.
They are all spoiled rotten but I figure it makes up for all the little creatures that don't get the care they deserve.
The chickens keep me company when I am wandering outside on The Compound because they generally follow me around or come bursting out of the woods looking for treats. Its a wonderfowl life when I paws to think about it :)

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