Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Bulletin Board

Normally when I need to print things I go to the Bay Roberts Public Library. Today o mixed it up because times a'wastin and I wanted to get a wiggle on. Whitbourne Library opened an hour earlier so off I went.
Whitbourne has a small cozy library. My first time there and it was awesome. And lots of kids there too which is double awesome. I was there to whomp up a poster for SGM. In talking to the librarian I told her about my chickens and how they lay green eggs. A few minutes later I heard her telling some of the kids who were there with their poppy. I showed them some pictures of CoCo and Nacho and Onesie and of course the eggs and they were amazed.
The librarian asked me would I come back for an official talk some day about chickens and weird coloured eggs and all the other stuff that goes hand in hand with living in the woods. So that's cool.
Oh and of course I left with books...Greg Malone's biography and the Dictionary of NF English and a geology book amongst others. I know... I know.
But anyways I got my  poster done and printed and then off I went to put em up. Almost every little shop, gas station, supermarket and post office in this area...and probably most of rural Newfoundland has a "bulletin board". Its funny. Sometimes its a wall. Or the side of a Pepsi cooler. Or inside a glass case. Or in the window. Or on the office door.Or maybe even a cork board. Some have thumbtacks. Some have pushpins. Some use tape. Some have more rules than others.
People post about all kinds of stuff...and yeah this is ole timey kijiji before there was a kijiji. Three cord of dry wood. $330 Funeral notices. Baby sitters. Knitting Lessons. Church functions. Dances at the Legion.
Has anyone written about this in depth? You know for their folklore masters or something. I find it super interesting.
But it was a lot of stopping and going. Let's see if I remember. Whitbourne: Library, Foodex, Food land. Blaketown Ultramar. Needs in South Dildo. Pitcher's in New Harbour. A little place without a name in Tilton. A-1 Convenience in Spaniard's Bay. Bay Roberts: Me Buddy's Brew Shop, Library, Irving. South River: Ultramar, the Fish Market and the lady who sells flowers and plants. Oh and a random fudge seller and veggie farmer lady.
But I also got yummy bread and chocolate coconut squares from Pitchers and local spuds from the farmer lady. And some phone numbers of farmers that might bring veggies to SGM.
It was some good day.

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