Monday, 1 October 2012

Sunday Visits

So yesterday was a beauty of an end to September. Warm and lovely. But you know its fall because you can smell it.
I had visitors yesterday. Which is always a good thing.
First my buddy Diane of fancy cake fame dropped by with her kiddies. Scarlett was kind enough to be my hat model. She had fun crawling around and showing off her new standing skills. She's a cutie. We thought Onesie was going to eat her but we discovered she was covered in rice crispies. Why? Cause she has a big brother who shared his cookie with her on the drive out.
And what a big brother. Sebastian is a little over four and he's a character. He jumped out of the truck with a cheery hi Laurie we came to see the goats! Off he went. He loves those goats. He also loves checking the chicken coop for eggs. He calls it the the chicken poop though. He's a riot. He watches out for his baby sister like a pro. He also likes me holding his two hands and twirling him around and around. He always points out he doesn't get dizzy.
He was checking the coop a lot yesterday and but I had collected the eggs in the morning. I told him it was okay that their weren't any in there. But then he said but noooo Laurie we need them to make pancakes and french toast. Oohhhh now it all makes sense. When I told his mom I did have eggs in the fridge she explained when they got up this morning he wanted pancakes/french toast but they were out of eggs. His response: Let's go to Laurie's and get eggs. So when I brought out a dozen and showed him he was sooooo excited. Really really excited. What a kid!
Later on my buddies Jasmine and Micheal stopped by for a quick visit too.  Awesomesauce. Its good to have visitors on The Compound.

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