Thursday, 11 July 2013

Inspiration - Never too Late

Sometimes I think I must be nuts. What was I thinking...trying to make a mortgage and bill paying living as a craftsperson. After more than 20 years with a regular biweekly pay cheque it is a big switch to go to dribs and drabs of cash. But you'll never know if something you want to do will work unless you try so here I am.
So the reason I'm rambling here about my choices in life is that every once in a while you meet someone who proves crazy dreams can work out.
Last weekend I booked a couple for Some Good Market in Makinsons. He made fused glass jewellery and she was a travel writer. They travel all over Canada going to markets and having all sorts of adventures. Well, I was to learn that these few sentences were only a drop in the bucket. 
I met them in person when I went to set up SGM on Friday evening. I also got to meet their canine buddy named Pali (which is Romany for small). What's Romany for teeny-tiny cute? He's the size of a baby bunny and is a cross between Shitzu, Poodle and long-hair Chihuahua. I talk their ears off and then get to work.
A chance remark by Dave leads to a fused glass demonstration. He takes his kiln on his travels so he sets up and makes some jewellery during the day long process.
At the end of the day I ask Barb if she would like to know me and books...I want them but cash money always gets put towards bills. Thankfully she is game for a trade and signs all four books to boot!
Now I gotta tell ya...I really enjoyed all four...informational and fun. Each book details the Geriatric Gypsies travels and resulting successes and disasters.  I guess considering my lifestyle it was nice to know that other folks can live from market to market and be happy for the little things. I think whether you travel by RV or not, attend markets or not, are young or not so young you would do well to have a read of one or all of the series. I personally enjoy reading back to waiting!
You can learn more about Barb and Dave's travels on her website

The books:
RV Canada on a Dime and a Dream
ISBN: 0-9736198-8-0
RV Canada With Boo the Menopausal Van
ISBN: 978-0-9811808-0-9
RV Canada's Far North on a Dream
ISBN: 9-780981-180816
RV Canada and the Polar Bear Dream
ISBN: 9-780981-180823

Oh and if you've read this far...something to think about...Barb was 57 and Dave was 60 when they started out...that was 10 years ago and they don't look to be stopping any time get off your arse and do whatever it is you want to be doing. No excuses.


  1. All I can say Laurie is Wow!! That is some good no amazing letter. Thank you so much. It made our day as we sit in a terrible wind storm pounding the rig and wondering how to make money to get to St. Anthonys. Do you mind if I repost and use this? It's the nicest testimonial complete with books ISBN anyone ever wrote. Yes we've questioned our sanity on this trip.

  2. What an incredibly accurate description of my good friends Barb, Dave and Pali!!! I am so happy to hear that they are meeting so many great people along their travels. I wish the world could meet them. This testimonial, even though not meant as one, is bang on! :) So thrilled you all got to meet. Making such great friends along your travels is such a blessing!

  3. Loved it!! Laurie, Barb and Dave are wonderful and audacious dreamers that don't let a little thing like reality get in the way of making their dreams come true. Thank you for getting them into another market and it sounds like there are new friendships being formed form one end of the country to the other. We miss you Barb, Dave and Pali but it's good to share you with the rest of the country too. Great article Laurie. - Juhli.