Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wind, Sun & Firing of Thule Pots

Let's try this again. Cell towers were against me in bloggery yesterday. Wrote a sumpthin sumpthin and it got stuck in lala land.
Yesterday was super exciting. It was sunny and warm albeit with a bit of a gale blowing by 9:30. I had two visitors coming from different directions. And you know I love the visitors...especially first timers.
First on the docket was the sewer of creatures and crafter of jewelry, Ms. Rosalind Ford. She was going into town and stopped in for tea and a tour. It was great to have a gab in a non-fair setting. We tromped around a bit and had a drop o tea. She couldn't stay long but I hope she'll be back.
Next up was flint knapper, archaeologist, and all round nice feller Tim Rast. He was bringing pots with him. He lives in town and when you live in town some things get complimicated. Like when you have Thule pot sherds to reproduce and need to fire said pots. Well I live on The Compound. And that means I have no mayors or neighbors or red tapey crap to worry about. So let there be fire...and seal blood and blubber and pot firing. Awesome!
Now I know little to nothing about Thule (or how to pronounce it) or Dorset or anything. Not to say I don't find all this kind of thing fascinating. Tim has a award winning blog...check it out You can learn all kinds of stuff. All kinds. Trust me.
Now I can't figure out how to add captions to my pictures with mobile bloggery so bear with me. They might not even appear in the correct order. But what odds you'll digger it out. We got the fire going. Five pots went next to the fire. One went in...that was not a happy pot. But it wasn't unhappy for long as it snap crackled popped into bits. But it did produce a sherd that was dark and still showed the pattern. The other pots looked good to almost looked glazed and the seal blood was toasted to a nice color.
I got toasted to a nice colour too...sitting by the fire on a windy blue sky sunny day. I am going to try making some Hodgewater Pots this summer. I also can't wait till Tim has some other project that doesn't suit town...because I hope he'll trek out here with it..and maybe bring Lori with him too.
Don't forget to check out his blog for more about these pots!


  1. Thanks Laurie - That was a lot of fun! Can't wait for next time!

  2. I dug a pit on middle cove beach once and did a whole batch of smoke firing. Spent the day there waiting for it to expend itself and then cool down enough to take out without snapping when it hit the cold air.